Fishy Triton


The "Fishy Triton" is all about chilling out and not sweating the whole competition thing.

Just go dive and have fun.  Choose the good weather windows, explore a new spot, grab your best buds and go out and see what you can find.

At the end of your dive day, take a couple photos and post them on the "Fishy Triton" forum thread and you will be rewarded with raffle tickets for the "Year End Raffle".

You may enter fish from all over the world and all species count.

Rules (Yah, just a couple easy ones)

-  All fish that meet the Fish & Game rules of the State or Country you are in shall qualify for raffle tickets

-  You will only receive tickets "one time" for a specific specie

-  There is no limit to the amount of fish you can enter


A complete accounting of fish submitted by diver shall be kept and posted on the "Fishy Triton Thread" in the forum


Now Go Have Some Fun 

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