The "Fishy Triton" is all about chilling out and not sweating the whole competition thing.  

Just go dive and have fun!  Choose the good weather windows, explore a new spot, grab your best buds and go out and see what you can find.  The best days are always when you are having fun and safely diving with good friends or family.

At the end of your dive day, take a couple photos and post them on your Instagram.  All you have to do is follow a couple easy instructions below and you will be rewarded with raffle tickets to win some awesome gear.

You may enter fish from all over the world and all species count, including shell fish.

Rules (Yah, just a couple easy ones)

  • You must be a current Monterey Bay Triton Member

  • All fish and other ocean critters that meet the Fish & Game rules of the Country or State you are in shall qualify for raffle tickets

  • You will only receive tickets "one time" for a specific specie

  • There is no limit to the amount of species you can enter

  • Make sure to take good photos of your fish and foraging so we can I.D. them. (See ID Section Below)


How to Make Sure Your Submitted Species are Counted (Instagram ONLY)



The Fishy Triton will be managed only on Instagram on the #thefishytriton2021 gallery.    


Take photos of you and your catch and post to your Instagram.  Tell us an epic story about your day and make sure to embellish a little as good fisherman do.  

  • Include the following:

    • #thefishytriton2021

    • List the species that your are submitting to The Fishy Triton in your post

Now Go Have Some Fun 

Species ID Assistance Section

There are many species that can be a little tricky to I.D. when you are learning.  Here is the link to the DFW identification page:

Here are a couple pointers with 4 common fish:

  • Kelp Rockifsh (aka Kelpy or Sugar Bass) - Open the gills and look at the gill raker furthest from the mouth.  This is the last gill raker.  The gill raker should have long "finger like" flanges.

  • Grass Rockfish (aka Grassy) - Open the gills and look at the gill raker furthest from the mouth.  This is the last gill raker.  The gill raker should look like the top of your knuckles.  Short stubby rounded flanges.

  • Blue Rockfish - The mouth only goes as far back as the middle of the eye

  • Black Rockfish - The mouth will extend to the back of the eye or pass it. 

If you ever have any issues with Fish ID, take a picture and email

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