Rebekah Phillips


Monterey CA

About Rebekah

As a Bay Area native, Rebekah grew up diving for abalone, fish and shells with her father.  From an early age, he nurtured her sense of adventure and instilled a deep respect for the ocean and ecology.


After moving to Oahu for college (and the nearby ocean), her diving expanded with new shores, dive buddies and greater possibilities.   


Inspired by the passion and aloha of her peers, she decided to pursue freediving instruction and judging.


In 2018 Rebekah participated as a judge in the First CMAS Freediving Hawaiian Cup and accomplished the role of an International CMAS Freediving Judge.  


In early 2019 after much hard work Rebekah completed the requirements to become a PFI Instructor. She currently resides and teaches out of Monterey Bay. Her goal is to promote and provide accessible, safety focused freediving instruction so divers can experience the underwater beauty of freediving.    

Rebekah & the Tritons

Rebekah has been kind enough to become the official PFI Instructor for the Monterey Bay Tritons.  She offers classes all year long and provides additional support throughout the year by running structured "Line Diving" days.

Please reach out to Rebekah and let her know you are a Triton for pricing and more information about her classes and programs.

Rebekah Phillips


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