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Training by Bamboo Reef


To learn more about NAUI Training by Bamboo Reef, call 831-372-1685

Bamboo Reef and NAUI Freediving are the official training facility and training agency for the Monterey Bay Tritons. Spearheaded by Brian Stanley (Bamboo Reef owner/NAUI Freediver Instructor Examiner) and his team of Instructors, they truly hold themselves to a higher standard of training. Brian, being 1 of 2 Instructor Examiners in the world for NAUI Freediving and his team of Intermediate and Freediver Instructors are a perfect match for providing high caliber, high quality, safety oriented freedive training to the community and to all Tritons members.


NAUI Freediver training educates divers on the skills, safety and problem management to allow you to comfortably enjoy the underwater world and improve your breath-holding techniques. Because individuals have different levels of ability and interest, NAUI offers a variety of training programs at all levels to include recreational and competitive training goals.


NAUI offers the most cutting-edge and safest training standards in the sport. Given its commitment to quality instruction, NAUI ensures students receive the best and safest freediving instruction available. All freediving courses are taught by certified instructors trained to the highest standards. The freedive program continues the NAUI tradition of exceeding standards and providing the highest quality training.