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Nov 02, 2019
I am moving out of state and have a few things I am not going to take with me. I won a set of Ocean Hunter fins in a Triton raffle (size 10-11) and it seems fitting to give these to a new member. The catch is that I live around Paso Robles and may not make it to the last meeting. So if there are any members passing through the area I will meet up with them to hand them off for the next meeting. For sale I have a 55" mid handle 3 band, break away setup with a slip tip that I would like to get $350 for. I also have a Pelaj Nemesis 120 with a flopper and a second shaft with a slip tip I will sell for $100,i t needs new rubber. If needed I can see what shipping would cost, or we may be able to arrange transfer with the fins if that works out. I will see if I can make it up for the meeting but I have a lot to do to get ready for the move. Jason
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Jul 01, 2019
I just tried re-banding a gun with the Acid Green band from Neptonics following the formula for 380% stretch. I tried pulling the band back to the shark fin tab to see what it will be like in the water and I heard/ felt a tear between my sternum and rib before I made it. Not hurting right now but I expect some soreness tomorrow. Do you add a couple of inches to account for the width of the band slot and the waste beyond the constrictor knot? I assumed that would be made up in the wishbones. I'm hoping that pre-stretching will make this length usable but that made me feel like I need to turn my man card in for resignation.


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