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Fishy Triton 2019 (Archive)
Kelp Monkey
Apr 29, 2019
Submitting 2 species: ling and cab. THE LING: After a promising 1st date with a lady I met via online dating I knew I had to up the anty. I set out to get my first ever Ling. The simple plan was to catch one, invite her over for Baja-style fiah tacos, and thus win her heart. Visibility that afternoon was all time for Santa Cruz, around 5-10'. To my amazement I found one holed up and brought it ashore after staving off a plump harbor seal who nibbled my fin tips the whole way in. Texted said lady with dinner offer that evening. She declined and later said she met someone else. Defeated yet unwaveringly proud, I brought the blue smurf meat to work and made lunch for my coworkers, who appreciated it. THE CAB: Despite Sunday being a day off, got a tip from surf buddy that he could see the bottom out at his normal spot. A friend and I popped in to check it out. Said friend has been wanting to dive but won't buy a real suit or any weights. He quickly froze his ass off and had to go in, leaving me alone around a mushroom-shaped rock/cave structure with a giant perch, a cab, a ling, and a healthy rockfish or two. I shot the cab but couldn't get it out of the hole without rearranging a rock pile outside the cave. It flared its giant head, which did not help the matter. Back on the steps I gutted the fish and pleased the seagulls. Guts were full of whole crabs. I gave my buddy a fillet, split the other one with the surfer guy who gave me the tipoff, and kept the head and collar meat as a weekend treat. Bent my flopper pulling it out but nothing some vice grips can't amend.
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